Privacy Buddy

Improve your data privacy management with a Microsoft Teams chatbot that allows you to monitor shared content, manage document lifecycle, and modify document access.
Duration: 4 to 8 weeks
Price (excl. VAT): upon request
Number of persons: n/a

About Privacy Buddy

Do you know what documents and files are being shared in your organization and with whom? Do you have a governance framework in place, but no meaningful way to put its insights into practice? Many organizations struggle with a lack of visibility that can lead to unauthorized data access and compliance violations.

Enter: Privacy Buddy, an AI-powered application that helps you proactively improve data privacy management by educating users on the importance of data sharing and tracking awareness. Our Microsoft Teams chatbot guides users to improve their document sharing behavior and provides tips and tricks on privacy settings. It also actively warns users about risky behaviors when sharing data with external parties and alerts them to applications that track or monitor their activities.

With Privacy Buddy, organizations can see measurable improvements in user privacy. It fosters a culture of privacy awareness that aligns with organizational compliance standards.

How to use Privacy Buddy?

Topics to discuss with the Privacy Buddy:

  • Check access permission
    Who currently has access to a particular document on our SharePoint site?
  • Monitor shared content
    Can you notify me when a document in SharePoint is unexpectedly accessed or shared?
  • Modify document access
    How do I change the access permissions for a document in SharePoint?
  • Track document activity
    Can you show me the activity history for a document on our SharePoint site?
  • Verify compliance
    Does the document I share from SharePoint comply with our organization’s privacy policy?
  • Share documents securely
    How do I securely share a document in SharePoint with an external partner?
  • Manage document lifecycle
    How do I manage access to a document in SharePoint after a team member has left the project?
  • Get alerts about risky document sharing
    Have I shared any documents from SharePoint in a way that poses a privacy risk?
  • Customize privacy settings
    How do I set up custom privacy settings for documents in my SharePoint library?
  • Learn document privacy best practices
    What are some best practices for setting document privacy in SharePoint?

The target audience

Privacy Buddy is valuable for organizations that consider data security and governance to be a top priority. Specifically, companies in the IT, Finance, Healthcare, Legal, and Government industries can greatly improve their data security and governance framework with Privacy Buddy.

For example:

  • CIOs, IT Directors and IT Security Managers are responsible for the overall technology strategy of the organization, including data privacy and security. Privacy Buddy helps them ensure compliance and secure data sharing practices.
  • CCOs and Compliance Managers need to ensure that their company adheres to legal standards and internal policies. Privacy Buddy helps ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

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