Smart City Accident Prevention

Detect and analyze busy traffic flows in city centers through advanced technologies to prevent accidents and contribute to sustainable urban development.
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About Smart City Accident Prevention

Our cities continue to grow. More specifically, by 2050, 68% of the world’s population will be living in cities. As a result, the need for efficient urban distribution increases proportionally. Therefore, mapping and understanding traffic flows is an essential part of smart and proactive city management.

With Smart City Accident Prevention, we use advanced technologies to detect and analyze busy traffic flows in city centers. This will help understand the current situation, predict future trends, and develop strategies to reduce the number of vehicles in the city center and to prevent near-accident situations.

What to expect

We use a wide range of smart technologies to track traffic flows in your city. For example, AI helps us recognize vehicle types (trucks, vans, cargo bikes, etc.), we process camera images with computer vision, and OCR technology reads the inscriptions on vehicles, allowing us to map occupational categories.

The roadmap

  • We start by installing high-definition cameras in strategic locations to get a complete picture of traffic flows.
  • The cameras continuously capture images for real-time monitoring and historical data analysis.
  • Vehicles are indexed by type and markings.
  • We use machine learning algorithms to identify trends and generate detailed reports on the most common vehicles and their movement patterns.
  • Based on the analysis, we make recommendations to reduce traffic flows and improve the efficiency of urban distribution.

The result

Thanks to Smart City Accident Prevention, you can:

  • identify the most common type of vehicle;
  • analyze and optimize traffic flows;
  • develop strategies to reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled;
  • get more insight in accident prevention and protect soft mobility users;
  • contribute to sustainable urban development.

With this solution, cities are taking a big step toward a future where traffic flows are intelligently managed, with the ultimate goal of creating a livable and sustainable city for residents and visitors alike.

The target audience

Smart City Accident Prevention is valuable to cities and towns looking for ways to reduce traffic congestion, improve the livability of their cities, and develop future-proof plans.

It also provides value to logistics companies involved in urban distribution that need efficient routes and strategies to optimize their operations.

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