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We need your expertise and fresh perspective to join our team of passionate experts. Together, you’ll take on inspiring projects at full speed, dive deep into the latest innovations, and challenge the status quo. All with a daily dose of DRIVE and fun.

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Why work at Xylos?

Well, by asking the question, you’ve just answered it. Because we’re Xylos, du-uh. Our people are invaluable to our success and that of our customers. They are the reason we can achieve greatness. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to their stories 👇🏻

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Employee stories

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The human element is very important to me. And I really feel that at Xylos. It is a people-oriented company, with little hierarchy. That atmosphere is very typical of a modern workplace like Xylos.

The soft skills trainings that Xylos offers are a smart move: time management, efficient meetings, personal branding, ... During these trainings, I got to know other Youngsters and myself a lot better.

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Your journey towards working at Xylos

Something we tend to forget once we’ve been working for a while: job interviews can be stressful. We’ll do our best to make the process as pleasant and rewarding as possible. 

We’ve listed the steps involved in applying for a job at Xylos. On average, the application process takes about two to three weeks. For sales positions, it may take three to five weeks.

The first friendly face you’ll meet is one of our recruiters. Don’t panic, they’re kind and lovely people. The goal of this meeting: we get to know you, you get to know Xylos.

If we both agree that the position could be a good fit, the hiring team manager will join the next meeting. Together you’ll discuss what you have to offer (and vice versa).

In the next phase, a prospective team member will answer your questions about the job. Your skills will also be put to the test. Sometimes, this is followed by an additional interview about your expertise, or by an assessment, depending on the position you’re applying for.

We’ll transparently discuss your contract until you say ‘I do’.

After a little Team People happy dance, we’ll get everything in place to welcome you to the Xylos dream team 🤗.