AI Data Security and Governance Scan

Duration: 4 weeks
Price (excl. VAT): 16.500 EUR
Number of persons: n/a

About the AI Data Security and Governance Scan

Are you implementing AI in your organization? We can’t encourage you enough! Doing it without considering the risks associated with data breaches, privacy violations, and uncontrolled data use? Well, that’s another story.

With our AI Data Security and Governance Scan, we help your organization to identify and manage data that could pose security risks and governance challenges when integrated into AI systems. We focus on specific business use cases to provide a targeted approach that improves data security, governance and the protection of your sensitive business information.

Why security and AI should go hand in hand

Do you know if AI models have access to sensitive bussiness information? Are you GDPR compliant? Are you mitigating AI-specific risks like bias, unintended data use, or ethical concerns? Can your customers and partners rely on your commitment to protecting their data?

If you want to avoid unauthorized access, data breaches, fines, reputational damage, etc, you’d better take a closer look at your AI data security and governance policies.

What to expect

Week 1: Use case definition and initial assessment

  • In a workshop, we define and prioritize data use cases related to AI that are relevant to your organization, and identify potential security and governance implications.
  • We gather preliminary information about your data environment and plan the upcoming assessment activities.

Week 2: Intake and preliminary analysis

  • We gain insight into your organization’s data security and governance challenges and goals.
  • We identify organizational models and hierarchies.

Week 3: Detailed assessment and analysis

  • We thoroughly assess the current state of security and governance through interviews, log audits and configuration scans.
  • The result is a comprehensive analysis report with targeted mitigation actions.

Week 4: Risk mitigation and governance roadmap

  • Based on the assessment findings, we develop a precise roadmap for security and governance improvements.
  • This roadmap includes actionable steps, mitigation timelines, governance policies, and KPIs to measure success.

The target audience

The AI Data Security and Governance Scan is valuable for organizations that manage a significant amount of data and are integrating AI technologies, all while ensuring data security and compliance. Our service addresses their need to effectively secure and govern data in complex and data-intensive environments.

For example:

  • IT Decision Makers and Management
  • Data Security Officers
  • AI/ML Team Leads
  • Compliance Officers
  • AI Implementation Stakeholders

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