Add value with AI

AI is so much more than a cool gadget for techies. With the right approach, it makes your workday more efficient and your organization smarter. Xylos helps you refine your strategy. So you can make decisions faster, automate repetitive tasks, and see opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Strategic impact with AI

Navigating the AI landscape is not easy. You may not know where to begin with the overwhelming choice and lightning-fast development.

Fortunately, our AI experts are ready to help you shape the future of your business with AI applications, from computer vision and text-to-speech to expert systems and robotics.

Our goal is always the same: to define added value for your organization in the short term.

Discover our AI services

AI filter

Text-to-speech solution

Smart City Accident Prevention

case dependent

Business chatbot in Teams with Power Automate

Privacy Buddy

4 to 8 weeks

Computer vision and OCR

AI Data Readiness Scan

4 weeks

Smart FAQ Bot

4 weeks

5 ways AI adds value to your business

Enable AI to facilitate repetitive data entry tasks, to draft emails, create meeting notes, prepare quotes. That way, your employees will have more time for more complex tasks that require human insight.

Use AI tools to analyze large amounts of data, identify trends, make predictions and recommendations. This supports decision-making.

By analyzing historical data, AI can uncover potential risks in business processes or investments.

AI tools can help generate new ideas by analyzing market trends, consumer behavior and competitive activities.

In addition, generative AI applications allow you to quickly create prototypes or simulations, making it easier to test and refine new concepts.

By deploying AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, you can provide answers to frequently asked questions quickly and efficiently. The result: satisfied customers and more time for complex questions.

Let AI tools collect and analyze market data so your organization can make informed decisions about developing new products or services.

By identifying the latest trends, you can proactively respond to changing market conditions.