Ethical Horizon Program

Duration: 1 year
Price (excl. VAT): upon request
Number of persons: n/a

About the Ethical Horizon Program

Our Ethical Horizon Program empowers your organization to weave ethical decision-making into the fabric of your operations. During a year-long journey, we establish a robust ethics council. We guide the selection of expert members, create frameworks, and ensure that legal, technical, and moral considerations are at the heart of every business decision.

Through training, audits, and policy development, we translate ethical principles into actionable practices, fostering a culture of integrity and transparency in the age of AI. Because we believe that applying ethical principles to decision-making requires a holistic approach early in the process of creating a product or service.

What to expect

The Ethical Horizons Program guides your organization toward ethical innovation.

  • Establishing the framework
    Meeting various stakeholders in the organization and assessing the current technical landscape.
  • Selecting members for your Ethics Council
    Based on the first month’s discussions, we begin identifying and recruiting diverse members with legal, ethical, and technical expertise to ensure a well-rounded and informed Council.
  • Creating the Ethics Charter
    Drafting an Ethics Charter that outlines the principles and values that will guide the council’s activities. This charter will be aligned with our framework and the organization’s expectations of the Council.
  • One-year meeting schedule
    The one-year meeting schedule will be formalized and meetings will be planned according to the schedule. We will hold a minimum of 6 meetings in the first year.

The target audience

The Ethical Horizon Program is valuable for organizations across industries (technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, government, etc) with an interest in ethical considerations of AI.

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