Duration: 3 weeks
Price (excl. VAT): 24.000 EUR
Number of persons: n/a

About the Fuelbot

You are sitting on a mountain of data about your fleet, fuel consumption and expenses. Why not use it to your advantage?


Fuelbot for your company car fleet

The Fuelbot is an innovative, AI-driven solution that centralizes and analyzes fuel consumption data (both diesel and electric) to provide actionable insights for management, HR, finance, and employees. With the Fuelbot, you can monitor usage patterns, forecast expenses, report on your company’s carbon footprint, and receive personalized feedback to encourage efficient driving practices.


An easy-to-use Power BI dashboard allows you to track the latest data. You can easily report on your company’s carbon footprint and work to reduce it. Your finance department gets better visibility into fuel and loading costs. Finally, your employees get personalized feedback from the Fuelbot on how to optimize their driving habits and suggestions on the best mobility options.

Fuelbot for your industrial fleet

Optimize the fuel efficiency and operating costs of your trucks, cranes, or other heavy equipment with the Fuelbot. You can even identify irregularities that may indicate fraudulent activity (fuel theft, misuse of company resources). By detecting patterns that deviate from normal usage, Fuelbot triggers alerts for further investigation.


You get an easy-to-use Power BI dashboard to forecast expenses, provide detailed reports on the carbon footprint of your industrial fleet, and track data that deviates from normal usage.

The set up

Implement the Fuelbot in just three weeks in your own environment or on the Xylos tenant. The project includes:

  • Kick-off meeting with stakeholders
  • Data centralization and integration
  • Dashboard development and bot integration
  • Testing and refinement
  • Deployment and training

The target audience

With the Fuelbot, organizations gain access to detailed consumption insights to make informed strategic decisions. The AI tool adds value for:

  • Procurement & Fleet Managers: turn unstructured data into insights tailored to your business and act on irregularities such as fraud.
  • HR and Finance: accurately forecast fuel costs based on historical and current data. With the Fuelbot, you can also drive behavioral change by coaching
    employees in their driving behavior and fueling or charging habits.
  • Employees: receive personalized advice on driving habits from an AI-powered bot based on your fuel consumption and work schedule.

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