Duration: 1 week
Price (excl. VAT): 9.000 - 12.500 EUR
Number of persons: n/a

About ManualMate

Your technicians lose valuable time during interventions by searching for answers in complex and endless sets of documentation and expert systems. Streamline these technical queries with ManualMate and get instant AI-driven access to the information you need.

ManualMate is equipped to decipher technical manuals and provide accurate information on demand. For time-sensitive operations, this essential tool turns hours of manual research into seconds of digital inquiry. Tackling the challenges of information overload and manual data retrieval in one go.

What to expect

During this one-week project, we set up a prototype with a selected set of manuals to demonstrate the value of the solution. You’ll also receive detailed instructions on using ManualMate for efficient troubleshooting and learning.

  • Preparation and analysis
  • Indexing the documentation and initial testing
  • Integration and refinement
  • Pilot implementation and go-live

The target audience

The ManualMate provides added value to teams with a common need for technical information and detailed guidelines, such as:

  • Technical Support Teams
    Provide first-line support and get quick access to technical information to help customers with issues.
  • Field Service Technicians
    Consult technical guidelines when in the field to install, repair, and maintain equipment.
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Software Engineers
    Reference standards, codes, and detailed technical documentation
  • Manufacturing Operatives
    Adhere to precise specifications and operating procedures detailed in technical manuals
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
    Ensure that products and services meet required technical specifications and standards by referring to detailed guidelines and manuals
  • Training and Development Managers
    Streamline training processes and provide up-to-date information


€ 12.500 when set up on your environment
€ 9.000 when set up on Xylos environment

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