Access: 3. Reports and forms

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Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: 1 day (09:00-17:00)
Price training (excl. VAT) starting at: €1275
Number of people: 1-12p


Create order in your database with our Access training course on reports and forms

Does your database lack an easy-to-use, intuitive interface or not have one at all? Or would you like to display the results of queries in a more structured manner? With this Access training course you will be able to create a clear order. You will learn how to clearly structure your database and make it intuitive. Do you want to avoid getting lost in all your data? Then the ‘Access: Reports and forms’ training course is exactly what you are looking for!

And this is not our only Access course. Xylos has Access courses for beginners and advanced users. Want to design a database and retrieve information from tables with queries? This is discussed during our first training modules (module 1 and 2). And for advanced users there is also Access: Advanced and VBA Programming.


What will you learn during the Access’ course?

Do you use your Access databases a lot? And do other end users need to view your data quickly and without any problems? Then you had better make sure you have a clear interface. How exactly do you do that? Our expert will give you an in-depth explanation during the Access training course. You will learn to create reports and forms that show a print-ready overview of your data.

Attention: this Access training course only discusses the default databases, not the web databases, as these have limited functionality.

Target Group

Anyone who wants to create forms and reports for an existing database.


You have already completed the Xylos Access courses:

Or you have the equivalent knowledge of primary keys, foreign keys, relationships and query types (such as action queries, parameter queries, grouping queries and calculating fields in queries).


The various types of forms

  • A standard form
  • A split form
  • A continuous form
  • A Parent-Child form
  • A navigation form

Making a form

  • Making and adjusting a form with help from the wizard
  • Making a form entirely by yourself
  • The various views: Form View, Design View, Datasheet View, Lay-out View
  • Working in Lay-out View
  • Working in Design View
  • The various sections of a form
  • Working with the various controls (label, textbox, combo-box, buttons, checkboxes)
  • Anchoring controls to the edge of the form
  • Grouping controls
  • Exchanging control properties
  • Adding a sub-form

Making a report

  • Making and adjusting a report with help from the wizard
  • Making a report entirely by yourself
  • The various views: Report View, Design View, Datasheet View, Lay-out View
  • Working in Lay-out View
  • Working in Design View
  • The various sections of a report
  • Sorting a report
  • Grouping in a report
  • Adding totals to a report
  • Integrating a report in a form

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