Xylos training courses – Specific Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Xylos’ General Terms and Conditions of Sale are an integral part of the Specific Terms and Conditions in hand.

Terms of payment

Our invoices are payable in full within 30 days following the invoice date.


All our prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.


For half-day training assignments we use a fixed price based on the daily rate. For training assignments of more than half a day and less than a full day, we bill the full daily price.

Services on time & material basis / hourly basis

In case onsite presence is needed, a minimum effort of 4 hours will be charged.

Travel expenses

Travel expenses are included in the price for the training.

If the location is more than 75 kilometres away from Xylos Antwerp, we will charge a € 0.4/km travel fee for the distance between the location and the Xylos office, for the outward and the return journey.

International assignments

For travel expenses as part of assignments for more than 120 km abroad that take place by car, rates are billed per hour started (journeys start from Xylos):

  • € 75,00 on weekdays
  • € 110,00 on Saturdays
  • € 150,00 on Sundays and public holidays

If the journey abroad is not travelled by car, the following elements are billed:

  • All actual expenses as part of the travel (e.g. train ticket, airplane ticket)
  • Effective travel time is billed. Effective travel time starts
    • From the arrival at a Belgian railway station or arrival at a Belgian airport (2 hours before flight departure) and runs until arrival at the hotel or at the customer’s foreign location;
    • From departure from the hotel or from a customer’s foreign location and runs until arrival at a Belgian train station or arrival at a Belgian airport.


If an overnight stay is necessary, the customer will be billed the actual hotel costs (including breakfast) in addition to the travel expenses, as well as an additional fee of € 125.00 per night. Xylos will confer with the customer on these matters and aspires to implement a healthy cost control management based on the “bonus pater familias” principle.

Cancellation policy

Dates confirmed in writing may be cancelled just the once free of charge or moved to a different date no later than 15 working days before the start of the first course session. In the event of a change of date announced between 15 and 10 working days before the start of the planned course session, we will bill 20% of the fee. If the course is postponed within 10 working days or cancelled within 15 working days prior to the first course session, the total amount is payable.


Orders are binding on Xylos only if they are confirmed in writing by way of:

  • Confirmation by mail specifying the correct billing details and the customer’s order number, as applicable
  • Official order form sent by mail
  • Signed business proposal returned with correct billing details entered in the designated spaces

All known elements are taken into account in the planning. The date proposed by Xylos is for reference only and will not be binding on Xylos.

Price adjustments

The prices for our services may be adjusted if the services are provided over multiple calendar years.


For classroom sessions held at the customer’s premises, at a minimum the customer is to provide the following equipment:

  • One PC per participant, with the correct version and language of the software installed
  • A PC for the trainer with access to the necessary applications and to the internet
  • A beamer
  • A white board or flip chart

For demos, at a minimum the customer is to provide the following equipment:

  • A PC for the trainer with access to the necessary applications and to the internet
  • A beamer

Remote training/webinars

For copyright reasons, it is forbidden to record remote training sessions/webinars except with express permission by Xylos. The maximum number of participants per online training is 15. For webinars, the price is determined according to the number of participants. These participants must all be employees of the company that has commissioned the service.

Change Management

Change Management covers all deviations that occur during the performance of a project and that were not planned in advance. Every change can have an impact on the project’s planning and budget. Changes may be implemented only after they have been discussed with the customer and with the customer’s consent. Changes are performed on a time and material basis and are billed at the rates agreed with the customer.

Validity duration of quotes

Our quotes remain valid until 14 days after the quote date.

Special circumstances

In the event of illness or absence of the trainer, everything possible will be done to find a replacement. However, such situations being instances of force majeure, Xylos declines all liability if such circumstances were to prevent the training session from taking place.

In the event of circumstances that prevent the trainer from reaching the external location (such as strikes at the customer’s site) Xylos will bill the daily price.

Specific terms for standard incompany and online trainings

The price is based on:

  • Number of participants: max 12 (Power Automate: maximum 6 participants)
  • Standard content and duration as mentioned on the website
  • Our target group is PC user (Operation system is Windows, not Mac OS)

Please send an e-mail to saleslearning@xylos.com for a quote in case of tailor made content, participants, duration, etc..