Inspiration session: Microsoft Copilot


Version: Copilot
Duration: 2 hours (or 2,5 hours with Copilot for Microsoft 365)
Price training (excl. VAT) starting at: €600
Number of people: 1-12p


Microsoft Copilot is coming, and it promises to completely overhaul your way of working. So whether you just got access to Microsoft Copilot, or will have access in the near future, this Explore session is meant to guide you into the world of Generative AI. We take a look at what is currently available and what’s upcoming. We get hands-on with Microsoft Copilot in Edge to generate amazing content. Finally, we discuss how you can prepare your data to get better results with Copilot for Microsoft 365.


By the end of this training, you’ll be proficient in utilizing Microsoft Copilot for various tasks, from writing good prompts to analyzing PDF files or creating images. You’ll understand its features, security measures, and how it transforms your interactions with digital content.

Target Audience

This training is designed for anyone curious about Microsoft Copilot, whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast eager to expand your knowledge.


No prior AI experience is required, but basic familiarity with technology and an open mind are encouraged.


  • What is Microsoft Copilot
    • Short introduction to Generative AI
    • Current public offering versus what’s coming
    • Comparison with other GenAI tools like ChatGPT and Gemini
  • How to use Microsoft Copilot in Edge
    • Prompting in Copilot
    • The Copilot sidebar in Edge
  • Getting ready for Copilot
    • Structuring your data
    • Manage access rights
  • Extra: Copilot for Microsoft 365 (only if available)
    • An overview of the current functionalities in the different Microsoft 365 apps

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