Excel Power Pivot: 2. (DAX) Functions for powerful data analysis

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Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: 1 day (09:00-17:00)
Price training (excl. VAT) starting at: €1275
Number of people: 1-12p


Excel’s strong data analysis tool Power Pivot? Get to know it better during our training course ‘Excel Power Pivot – (DAX) Functions’!

You may already have noticed that Power Pivot contains a lot of new functions. Some of these functions are fairly intuitive to use, but for most you may need the help of a Power Pivot expert, using explicit examples to show you the true power of these functions in combination with PivotTables.

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Are you struggling with the functions in PowerPivot?

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  • Acquire an understanding of the different types of functions in PowerPivot
  • Know how to implement the functions for your own analysis solutions

Target Group

Anyone who is already familiar with PowerPivot and wants to learn more about and know how to use the functions.


It is important to have completed the course ‘Excel PowerPivot – Module 1: Introduction’.


Part 1 Repetition of Data model

  • Requirements of an efficient model
  • Importing data via Power Query
  • Optimising data model (relationships, date table)

Part 2 Context

  • Row Context
  • Filter Context

Part 3 Basic functions

  • Sum, Min, Max, Average, Count, Counta
  • Countrows
  • Blank
  • HasOneValue
  • Switch

Part 4 Iterator functions

  • What are iterator functions?
  • Sumx, Averagex
  • Filter

Part 5 Changing Context

  • Calculate, CalculateTable
  • Context transition

Part 6 Filter functions

  • All, AllExcept, AllSelected
  • Filter
  • Rankx
  • TopN
  • Values

Part 7 Date and Time Intelligence functions

  • DateAdd
  • Datesbetween, DatesInPeriod
  • Datesytd/Datesmtd/Datesqtd
  • Totalytd/Totalmtd/Totalqtd
  • Endofmonth/Endofquarter/Endofyear
  • Firstdate/lastdate
  • Firstnonblank/Lastnonblank
  • Nextday/Nextmonth/Nextquarter/Nextyear
  • Previousday/Previousmonth/Previousquarter/Previousyear
  • SamePeriodLastYear
  • Startofmonth/Startofquarter/Startofyear

Part 8 KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Creating a KPI in PowerPivot

Part 9 Cube Functions (Optional)

  • Converting data from PivotTables into functions

Part 10 Working with multiple data fields (optional)

  • Multiple relationships between a table and the date table
  • Multiple date tables

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