SharePoint Online for end users: site management

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Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: 2 days (09:00-17:00)
Price training (excl. VAT): €2550
Number of people: 1-12p


Manage your sites with SharePoint Online

This SharePoint course handles all aspects of creating and managing SharePoint Sites. You’ll also learn how to set up access rights and security, as well as how to add and configure apps and pages.

We’ll explain how SharePoint fits in with Office 365’s other collaboration tools to clarify which tools you can use for which purposes.

To conclude, you’ll get handy tips on how to find information easily.


After this SharePoint training, you’ll know:

  • The concept and advantages of SharePoint Online
  • The difference between the classic and modern view
  • How to create a SharePoint hub site with custom navigation (as an administrator)
  • How to create and manage sites
  • How to set up access rights and security
  • How to add and configure apps
  • How to configure content types
  • How to set up a simple workflow
  • How to add pages to your site
  • The difference between a SharePoint team site and Microsoft Teams

Target Group

This course is meant for SharePoint Online site owners: those who are responsible for creating and managing sites, apps, etc.


The minimum requirements are basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and knowing how to use a web browser.


SharePoint Online & Office 365

  • Overview of the Office 365 services
  • Where do I store my documents?
    • OneDrive
    • Teams
    • SharePoint

Various Site types

  • Team site linked to an O365 Group
  • Communication site

Additionally, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a SharePoint site
  • How to set up authorisations for a site
  • The concept and advantages of a Hub site
  • How to create document libraries and lists
  • How to set up authorisations for an app
  • How to configure library metadata
  • How to define content types
  • How to create a custom workflow
  • Automating tasks with PowerApps
  • How to create and edit views
  • Document version control
  • How to create and edit pages
  • How to create dynamic pages with hero objects, inserted Forms and overview functions of the site content
  • SharePoint & Teams: similarities and differences

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