Visio: Introduction

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Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: 1 day (09:00-17:00)
Price training (excl. VAT) starting at: €1275
Number of people: 1-12p


Keep your company processes on schedule? Take our Visio training course!

Wouldn’t your company be more streamlined with self-designed timetables, diagrams and process schedules? Undoubtedly! And that’s why Microsoft Visio is a wonderful tool. It’s a multi-functional and yet simple design package, with which you can save precious time! Would you like to take a Visio training course? You can count on Xylos!

From now on, Visio will be your programme for a whole series of visualisations. Besides schedules and illustrations of company processes, you can create floor plans, graphics and presentations with a minimum of effort. And if you’re struggling with the layout of your office space? Just take our Visio training and choose from hundreds of symbols to make a virtual sketch.


Why should you take Visio training?

After completing our Visio training, your business progressions will follow on each other’s heels. You’ll be able to make drawings and schedules. And this will help your colleagues to make your business run like a well-oiled machine.

Target Group

Everyone who wants to use a user-friendly programme to make illustrations, work-flow diagrams, organisation charts, or benefit from any of the many other graphic possibilities offered by Visio!


Anyone pursuing Visio training must be familiar with the Windows environment.


Getting to know the work environment

  • Get started with a model or a sample drawing
  • The work environment in a blank drawing
  • Distinction between Visio desktop and Visio WebApp
  • Visio drawings and O365
  • Stencils, shapes and screen components
  • Save and export documents in various formats

A smooth start

  • A blank drawing vs a drawing from a model
  • Efficient drawing
  • Grid and guides
  • Properties and protection of forms
  • How to align, spread and group shapes
  • Making shapes
  • Text in shapes
  • Foreground and background pages
  • Page and print settings
  • Working with layers

A simple diagram

  • Working with Visio shapes
  • Connecting shapes
  • Shape styles and design features
  • Adjusting Visio shapes
  • The Document stencil
  • Creating your own stencils
  • Saving a template

Business diagrams

  • Flow diagrams
    • Flow diagram
    • Function flow diagram
    • Working with the visualisation of data
    • Workflow diagrams
  • Organogram
  • Pivot Diagram
    • External data sources
    • Conditional formatting
  • Gantt diagram
  • Timeline
  • Import export MS Project

Maps and floor plans

  • General principles
  • Working on scale
  • Office design
  • Dimension tools

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