Microsoft 365: Introduction to OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint

Description Your work becomes time and location independent thanks to Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 lets you take your work with you, irrespective of where you are and what device you are working on. During this training course, you and your colleagues will learn how to make optimal use of the Microsoft 365 capabilities for your […]

Teams: A new way of collaborating

Description Microsoft Teams makes collaboration easy. If you and your colleagues are working on a project, you can set up a Team with all colleagues and customers/external parties involved and use it to store all relevant documents, work on them together and discuss what needs to be done through chat or online meetings. You can […]

OneDrive for Business: save and share documents in the Cloud

Description With OneDrive, you can store your files in one place, share them with others and open them from any device that connects to the Internet. OneDrive for Business is an integral part of Office 365 or SharePoint Server and provides a location in the cloud where you can save, share and synchronise your work […]

Teams: External calls

Description Microsoft Teams is the future. It offers everything you need to work efficiently anywhere and anytime, brought together in one app. With its PBX functionalities, Teams can also replace a traditional phone system. Making and taking external calls, putting a call through, taking over a line or putting someone on hold: with Teams, you […]

Access: 1. Creating Databases

Description Want to create professional databases? Take an Access training course! Do you want to link your customers’ contact details to their orders? Or combine data from several sources into one database? Then without doubt Access is the program for you. Perhaps you are thinking: what about Excel? Because it’s a spreadsheet program, Excel is […]

OneNote: Paperless note taking

Description Become the master of your notes thanks to this OneNote training course OneNote is the ultimate application of choice to capture and structure your notes on laptops, desktops or tablet PCs. OneNote helps you to bring everything together in an orderly way, so you can quickly find your important information and manage it efficiently. […]

Visio: Introduction

Description Keep your company processes on schedule? Take our Visio training course! Wouldn’t your company be more streamlined with self-designed timetables, diagrams and process schedules? Undoubtedly! And that’s why Microsoft Visio is a wonderful tool. It’s a multi-functional and yet simple design package, with which you can save precious time! Would you like to take […]

Access: 3. Reports and forms

Description Create order in your database with our Access training course on reports and forms Does your database lack an easy-to-use, intuitive interface or not have one at all? Or would you like to display the results of queries in a more structured manner? With this Access training course you will be able to create […]

OneNote: The finer details (advanced users)

Description Get more from OneNote OneNote is THE tool for you to record and share your notes. You learnt to work with OneNote during the ‘OneNote: paperless note taking’ course, or you may have learnt simply by using it. However, you will become an even greater fan of OneNote after completing this course ‘The finer […]

Word: Introduction

Description Word course for beginners Bring your texts and documents to life with this Word course!  The countless formatting options have turned this tool into a powerful layout program. Want to create an impressive and visually strong text? It’s a breeze! You can do this using features such as tables, images, SmartArt. Do you need […]