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Version: Copilot
Duration: 1 day (09:00-17:00)
Price training (excl. VAT): €1475
Number of people: 1-12p


Microsoft Copilot is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool integrated into Microsoft 365 applications. It’s designed to help you write text, generate formulas, write code and offer relevant suggestions while you work. Copilot is your virtual companion that can speed up your daily tasks and improve your productivity.


The aim of this training course is to familiarize you with Copilot’s features and show you how to integrate it effectively into your daily workflow. You will learn how to use Copilot to generate relevant text, formulas, codes and suggestions in the following applications: Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Loop, Whiteboard, etc.

Discover Copilot benefits

  • Increased productivity: Copilot helps you generate content quickly, saving you time.
  • Content quality: Copilot’s suggestions are based on advanced language models, guaranteeing high-quality content.
  • Continuous learning: Copilot adapts to your writing style and learns from your preferences over time.
  • Training structure

Target Group

This training is designed for anyone curious about Microsoft Copilot, whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge.


Experience with AI is not required, but basic knowledge of technology and an open mind are encouraged.


  • Introduction to AI/Copilot

    • AI is everywhere
    • What does ChatGPT / Copilot do?
    • Being critical of AI (safety, future?)
    • How does it work?
    • AI terminology explained
    • Dive into the lexicon of AI: neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, etc.
    • Understand the key terms and concepts that form the basis of AI
    • Discover how these tools foster creativity and problem-solving
    • Learn how to ask questions using the CREATE principle
  • Using Copilot in Microsoft Teams

    • Generating quick messages and responses.
      Copilot can help you write messages in group or private discussions. It can generate quick replies, meeting invitations and professional comments.
    • Example: Imagine you receive a chat from a customer about a late delivery. You can use Copilot to write a professional and reassuring reply, mentioning the steps taken to resolve the problem.
    • Prompt example: “Offer a professional response to the customer’s message about a delivery delay”
  • E-mail optimization with Copilot in Outlook

    • Writing effective e-mails Copilot can improve the quality of your e-mails by suggesting clearer, more impactful wording. It can also help you avoid common mistakes.
    • Example: After an important meeting, you’d like to send a follow-up e-mail to your colleagues. Copilot can help you write a concise, professional message, including the key points discussed at the meeting.
    • Prompt example: “Write a follow-up e-mail after a meeting”
  • Creating documents with Copilot in Word

    • Generate content for reports, articles, etc. Copilot can be your co-author in Word. It can generate paragraphs, headings, subheadings and lists for your documents.
    • Example: You’re writing a report on the benefits of teleworking. Copilot can help you create an engaging introduction, structure your arguments and provide concrete examples.
    • Prompt example: “Write a paragraph on the benefits of telecommuting”
  • Data analysis with Copilot in Excel

    • Formulas, graphs and analysis.
    • Copilot can generate Excel formulas to suit your needs. It can also help you create graphs and interpret results.
    • Example of use: You’re working on a monthly sales table. Copilot can help you create a formula to calculate average sales, using the data available.
    • Prompt example: “Create a formula to calculate average monthly sales.
  • Powerful presentations with Copilot in PowerPoint

    • Create slides and speeches.
      Copilot can help you create introductions, transitions and conclusions.
    • Example of use: You’re preparing a presentation on artificial intelligence. Copilot can help you create a captivating introduction and structure your slides for maximum impact.
    • Prompt example: “Come up with an introduction for a presentation on artificial intelligence.
  • Organizing and taking notes with Copilot in OneNote

    • Create sections, pages and lists.
      Copilot can generate headings, subheadings and to-do lists.
    • Example of use: Before a meeting, you create a new page in OneNote. Copilot can help you create a to-do list for the meeting agenda.
    • Prompt example: “Create a to-do list for tomorrow’s meeting.”
  • Working with Copilot in Loop and Whiteboard

    • Brainstorming and collaboration ideas.
      Copilot can stimulate creativity in brainstorming sessions. It can generate ideas, concepts and suggestions to improve collaboration.
    • Example of use: You’re taking part in a team meeting to improve the recruitment process. Copilot can help you come up with innovative ideas to attract new talent.
    • Prompt example: “Suggest ideas to improve our recruitment process.”

Additional prompt ideas by application

  • Microsoft Excel

    • Add a formula column
      • Copilot can generate formula suggestions for your data. This allows you to quickly add calculation columns without having to write them manually.
      • Prompt example: “Add a column that calculates profit margin by subtracting cost of sales from sales.”
    • Highlighting data
      • Copilot can help you identify important values in your tables. It can suggest conditional formatting rules to highlight specific cells.
      • Prompt example: “Highlight all sales over €10,000 in green.”
    • Sorting and filtering data :
      • Copilot can guide you through the use of filters and sorts to organize your data. It can also show you how to sort by multiple columns.
      • Prompt example: “Sort sales by date, then by descending amount.”
    • Analyze data :
      • Copilot can help you interpret your data by generating descriptive statistics. It can also show you how to create pivot tables.
      • Prompt example: “Calculate the mean, median and standard deviation of monthly sales.”
    • Visualizing data:
      • Copilot can show you how to create graphs from your data. It can generate bar charts, trend lines and pie charts.
      • Prompt example: “Create a bar chart to compare sales by product.”
    • Automate repetitive tasks :
      • Copilot can help you automate frequent actions. It can generate VBA macros or show you how to use Excel functions to save time.
      • Prompt example: “Automate the updating of monthly reports by using a macro to extract data from the database.”
  • Microsoft Teams

    • Catch-up: To find out what happened during a meeting, ask Copilot in Teams, “What questions were asked during the meeting?” or “What ideas were presented?”
    • Questions: Planning a trip? Ask Copilot: “Give me some ideas for a 3-day trip to Hawaii.”
    • Planning a meeting:
      “Come up with an agenda for our next team meeting.”
      “Create an invitation to a meeting to discuss the XYZ project.”
    • Collaborating in channels:
      “Develop a response to encourage collaboration between channel members.”
      “Suggest ideas to improve our file-sharing process.”
    • Task management:
      “Create a task list for our product launch project.”
      “Give me suggestions for organizing our development backlog.”
    • Communicating with colleagues:
      “Write a message to thank a colleague for his help.”
      “Suggest a professional response to a customer e-mail about a technical problem.”
    • Project tracking:
      “How can I track the progress of the XYZ project?”
      “Create a list of milestones for our cloud migration project.”
  • Microsoft Outlook

    • Writing e-mails: To write a reply to an e-mail announcing the launch of a project, try this prompt with Copilot in Outlook: “Write an e-mail to congratulate the project manager and team on the launch.”
      “Write a reply to an e-mail announcing the start of a new project.”
    • E-mail summary: To summarize e-mails into key points on a new page, ask Copilot: “Summarize notes into bullet points.”
      “Summarize e-mail exchanges with Sam over the past two weeks.”
      “Summarize the key points of the e-mail conversation about the XYZ project.”
  • Microsoft OneNote

    • Content creation: To create a plan for your daughter’s graduation party, ask Copilot, “Create a plan for my daughter’s graduation party.”
      “Develop a to-do list for tomorrow’s team meeting.”
    • Summarize notes: To summarize your bullet-point notes on a new page, try this prompt with Copilot in OneNote: “Summarize bullet-point notes.”
      “Summarize notes from marketing strategy meeting.”
      “Summarize important information from document Z.”
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

    • Creating slides: To create a presentation on sustainable practices in agriculture, ask Copilot: “Create a presentation on sustainable practices in agriculture.”
      “Create a short presentation on time management.”
      “Develop a series of slides to present the benefits of our new product.”
    • Content ideas: To generate ideas for a presentation, try this prompt with Copilot in PowerPoint: “Come up with ideas for a presentation on renewable energy.”
      “Generate key points for a talk on artificial intelligence.”
  • Microsoft Word

    • Article writing:
      “Write an article on the benefits of teleworking.”
      “Develop a summary of the latest research on climate change.”
    • Document creation:
      “Create an outline for a training manual on time management.”
      “Write a sales proposal for our client XYZ.”

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