Power BI: How to understand and use Power BI reports

Description Microsoft Power BI has grown to be a key element of many business environments. This powerful application lets you create dashboards and reports that present data in a clear, informative way – but if you’re not familiar with Power BI, it can be difficult to understand the Power BI reports others have created. This […]

PowerPoint: Powerful presentations

Description Set your standards higher. Make PowerPoint presentations that are 100% professional! You are already able to conjure up a slideshow, but you want something more spectacular. You want to make PowerPoint presentations that genuinely impress your audience. So our PowerPoint – Professional Presentations course is not to be missed! In this module, you’ll learn […]

Excel: Introduction

Description Thanks to this training, you’ll be able to learn the basic principles of Excel. Taking our Excel Introduction training course? Then you’ll have chosen the ultimate springboard to the other training courses like Excel Databases and PivotTables and Excel Functions & Formulas. Objectives Do complex calculations feature in your daily tasks? Once it’s finished, […]

PowerPoint: Make a professional template

Description Does your company have an appealing house style? One that is unique and creates a positive impression? One that makes it clear to your customers that you are different from your competitors? Then it should be included in all your professional documents, including your PowerPoint presentations! In this remote training session you will learn […]

Excel: Working with lists and tables

Description Understanding your Excel data Do you have a huge amount of data? Good! But how to transform it into a manageable whole in order to obtain a comprehensible analysis? In this first part we will focus on converting your list into a table and how to optimise it for a powerful analysis. Target Group […]

Project: Introduction

Description Do you want complete control over your projects? Take our remote Project training course! Do you often find yourself at the helm of large and complex projects? No worries, Microsoft Project is the instrument for your project management. Do you want to deliver your project in an organised, calm and professional manner? You’ll want […]

Excel: Performing tricks with PivotTables

Description You are working with a large list of data in Excel? If you cannot see the forest for the trees, PivotTables will provide you with a clear overview of all the data collected. After this part two, you will know at a glance how many items meet a specific condition. You will also learn […]

SharePoint Online: Manage your own site

Description This SharePoint training was developed for end users who are responsible for creating and managing SharePoint sites within their organisation. You’ll learn how to manage the site, how to set up access rights and security, and how to add and configure apps and pages. We’ll explain how SharePoint fits in with Office 365 and […]

Excel: Functions

Description Everyone knows the most popular Excel functions, SUM, AVERAGE and COUNT. But if it’s all you know, you’ll never get where you need to go. Because as your worksheets expand and become more complex, you’ll have to use other functions and formulas. After completing the remote training Excel Functions, you’ll master the most popular […]

SharePoint Online for end users: basic principles

Description In this training, you’ll learn the basic principles of SharePoint Online. We’ll explain how SharePoint differs from other Microsoft collaboration tools and what you can use document libraries for. You’ll also learn how to optimise the way information is displayed to suit your needs. At the end of the training, you’ll get useful tips […]