App Modernization & Implementation

Get ready for the AI wave

Are your applications designed to be both human-centric and AI-driven? With evolving software challenges and outdated legacy systems, a modern and agile software solution is paramount. Partner up with Xylos to modernize and maintain a software ecosystem rooted in cutting-edge standards.

We weave together intuitive AI functionalities, from automated business services to insightful analytics. So the technology not only complements your business, but also elevates your values and goals.

We listen closely to your story to develop experiences that truly resonate with your audience.

Why you should modernize your applications today

  • Leverage the full power of Azure cloud’s capabilities
  • Enhance performance in the cloud with .NET core
  • Effortlessly scale applications to meet business needs and user demand
  • Automatic scaling and load balancing for optimized resource utilization
  • Integrate seamlessly with other cloud services and big data platforms thanks to robust API development and integration.
  • Using cutting-edge frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular to create engaging and intuitive user experiences
  • Prioritize engagement and usability with a user-centered design
  • Minimize learning curves and maximize user productivity
  • Personalize user dashboards and settings for a better experience
  • Collect feedback to continuously improve UX/UI based on user input
  • Significantly reduce licensing and SLA costs 
  • Deliver high ROI through streamlined business processes and reduced overhead costs
  • Provide transparent pricing models with no hidden fees
  • Review and optimize recurring costs to ensure value for money
  • Align software functionality with unique business processes as well as corporate culture and values
  • Integrate business intelligence tools like Power BI into your applications to enhance data visualization and decision-making capabilities
  • Rapidly prototype for custom requirements
  • Conduct user feedback loops to better align software with business needs
  • Facilitate efficient data extraction and connection to modern external systems
  • Ensure uninterrupted workflow and improved data management
  • Support multiple data formats and integration protocols
  • Provide real-time data synchronization capabilities across platforms
  • Counter threats like DDOS, SQL injections, and data leaks with the latest security standards
  • Ensure defenses remain current against evolving threats with regular updates
  • Multi-layered authentication and authorization mechanisms
  • Proactively detect threats with real-time monitoring and alerting systems

Transform your applications with the power of AI

In the journey to modernize your application landscape, AI serves as a versatile ally, offering both foundational support and development assistance. Even for applications that don’t run in the cloud. 

As experienced development consultants, we leverage the power of AI to take your applications to the next level. With tools like GitHub Copilot and other online language models, we’ve harnessed systems that can understand code context, find bugs, write unit tests, help with documentation, and even suggest code refactoring when needed.

Want to discover what AI can do for your business? Join us for a half-day workshop, where we’ll empower your development teams with AI-driven tools.