Unified Data Solutions

Bridge the gap between
IT and business

Data is everywhere, streaming from the devices you use, the applications you build, and the interactions you have. When you unify your data into one accessible, user-friendly platform, you gain consistent, accurate and real-time insights into your business, enabling you to make informed decisions and give your company a competitive edge.

Use data to your advantage

Our Unified Data Solutions are designed to effectively manage and process big data, enabling your organization to derive meaningful insights from vast data sets. With powerful tools such as Microsoft Fabric, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory, we deliver high-quality data architecture, data analytics and data integration.

Data Platform

Rely on us to build, manage, and monitor your Azure data platform as a centralized hub that seamlessly integrates with AI to drive innovation.

Data Integration

Create seamless connectivity to a wide range of source systems to ensure a smooth, error-free data flow and guarantee high-quality data.

Data Visualization

Visualize your data with customized dashboards or intuitive apps to facilitate informed decision making.

Data Literacy

Train your knowledge workers to effectively consume data sets and reports. The goal? Empower employees to create their own reports.

With access to unified data, operational users develop their own insights, while strategic users make decisions with impact.

Four reasons to choose our Unified Data Solution

With data no longer confined to silos, the decision-making process becomes easier and doesn’t require a lot of manual work up front.

When you partner up with Xylos, we build, manage, and monitor the cloud services that host your data platform. In addition, the availability of accessible information reduces the risk of Shadow IT constructions by end users. Both aspects significantly reduce the workload of your IT department.

The average Xylos consultant has 7 years of experience. So we know how to service you. With our in-house expertise, you can count on the entire value chain: from platform to data literacy and aftercare.

Skilled data engineers and BI consultants are hard to find. Instead of a major recruiting effort, upskill your existing workforce with our targeted training.

Data – the beating heart of AI

Data is AI’s lifeblood. Without it, it would be impossible to train models, validate results, and drive real-time decision-making processes. But the effectiveness of AI depends on the availability of high-quality data. That’s where data engineers play a pivotal role. 

Join us for a half-day workshop to embark on your data-driven AI journey. We’ll demystify the basics of Azure AI and help you set up your first sandbox project.