Cloud Skill Builder

Bridge the Azure skilling gap

Lay the foundation for your team’s Azure journey with our skill gap analysis, revealing existing expertise while identifying the missing know-how that stands between you and a successful implementation. With our targeted training in the Cloud Academy, you equip your team with critical skills to meet future Azure challenges head-on.

Skill gap analysis: explore your team’s untapped potential

A skill gap analysis helps us to identify your team’s current Azure capabilities as well as the knowledge that is still missing but essential to achieving your business goals.

Together, we will assess each team member’s skills and identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. With these insights, we create a future-proof roadmap for your team that serves as an excellent starting point to establish your goals. The first step? Cloud Academy.

Cloud Academy

Boosting your IT team’s Azure skills, that’s the goal of our Cloud Academy. Based on the skill gap analysis, we develop a targeted training program with Microsoft-certified experts that is tailored to the needs of your employees. The learning objectives are fully aligned with your business goals and the skillset required to tackle current and future Azure challenges.

We ensure business continuity by providing on-site training and a flexible schedule that works for you.

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