Your Custom HR App

Automate your HR processes

Many HR departments still have a high level of manual work and a lot of administrative tasks that come with the job. What if we told you that many peripheral HR processes can be automated?

With the Power Platform, we build your own custom HR application in as little as a week. So you can reduce human error, invest in an engaging employee experience, and focus on strategic HR activities.

Streamline HR operations with the Power Platform

From recruitment to onboarding to employee engagement. You name it, we build it. Some possibilities:

Automate the onboarding process from start to finish by creating workflows that send out welcome emails, generate workspace setup tasks, schedule orientation sessions, and collect documents and information from new hires.

Automate the off-boarding process by triggering tasks when an employee’s departure is recorded in the system. Consider revoking access to company systems, scheduling exit interviews, preparing final paychecks, and more.

Collect employee feedback, analyze and visualize data, trigger actions based on survey responses (e.g. follow-up by HR), and so on.

Accelerate automation with custom solutions

Your company-specific application, built in one week.

Go from analysis to development to deployment in one week:

  • Discovery and planning
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Integration and testing
  • Deployment and training
  • Post-deployment support

9.000 EUR