Microsoft Power Platform

Automate everyday business processes

The urgency of digital transformation requires your business to be more agile and responsive than ever before. The Microsoft Power Platform provides you with rapid application development and automation capabilities that revolutionize the way your organization operates.

The ultimate power of these intelligent tools? Their applicability to both simple and complex business processes.

Driving focused innovation, one tool at a time

The Microsoft Power Platform contains five tools that work well on their own, but reinforce each other when combined.

Power Apps

Easily build your own applications to modernize business processes. No programming skills required.

Power BI

Use this analysis and visualization tool to collect, transform, and combine data into clear business insights.

Power Automate

Connect applications and services with this powerful tool to automate routine tasks.

Power Virtual Agent

Create and manage intelligent chatbots with a user-friendly, code-free approach to engaging with customers or suppliers.

Power Pages

Quickly build and launch business websites with little code and ready-to-use templates.

Three benefits of the Power Platform

Empower employees to build end-to-end solutions

Transform manual activities into automated workflows to reduce paperwork and errors, to provide real-time data access, and to foster teamwork through digital solutions.

Free up time for essential tasks and empower teams to deliver more value and exceptional service to your customers.

Develop applications in-house, eliminating the expenses associated with external vendor licenses.

Address the proliferation of unauthorized apps and tools to streamline operations and mitigate potential security risks.

Delivered by experts, designed for excellence

Our Power Platform empowerment portfolio

How the Power Platform automates business processes in your organization.

  • For your end users on the various applications
  • For your IT team on the different applications and governance capabilities of the Center of Excellence for the Power Platform
  • For your end users by our Digital Coaches
  • For your IT team by our technical experts

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