Microsoft Intune

Endpoint management done right

A laptop, smartphone, tablet, meeting room surface hub, … How many devices do your employees use to check their email or access their data? Managing all these endpoints and the applications they run can be a challenge.

With Intune, you efficiently manage and secure your users’ devices and applications, ensuring a safe and compliant IT environment.

Endpoint management isn’t just an option.
It’s a necessity.

Without a streamlined, modern endpoint management solution, your organization is left vulnerable, facing uncertain costs, compromised efficiency, deteriorating user experience, and, most alarmingly, a gaping hole in your security defenses. The consequences of neglecting this critical system are both unpredictable and potentially catastrophic.

Endpoint management with Intune - What's in it for you?

"Xylos listens, understands our needs and also adapts to them."
Andy Valgaerts - IT Engineer at Facq