Excel: Introduction (starters)

Description Let your PC do the thinking: follow our Excel training for beginners. Do you have little experience with Excel, but does your job require you to use the software? Or do you already work with the software, without knowing everything you can do with it? Looking up everything yourself can take a lot of […]

Excel: Filtering and sorting

Description Do you need to quickly filter a long list only by data you want to view immediately? In this session you will discover the power of Excel filters! We discuss the best way to filter the different types of data (text, numbers or dates), and what options there are (colour, highest/lowest values, dates that […]

Outlook: Email etiquette – tips for professional users

Description Think twice before pressing the ‘reply to all’ button… Did you know that on average an employee spends a quarter of their time on replying to and processing e-mails? Did you also know that e-mails often lead to miscommunication? And that the miscommunication often leads to inefficiency and irritation? Is e-mail always the right […]

PowerPoint: Introduction

Description Ensure that your words make an impact with our Introduction to PowerPoint course! A picture is worth a thousand words. What a cliché. But would you keep your public involved with a dry picture-free presentation? PowerPoint is here for a reason. And with the Introduction to PowerPoint course, you will be able to make […]

Teams Etiquette: How to communicate correctly

Objectives This training will teach you how to communicate efficiently and correctly via Outlook and Teams: Which communication tools are available in Microsoft 365? When do you communicate through Teams and when do you send an e-mail instead? How to share information in a relevant way: from individual chat to group chat, Teams messages and e-mail The importance of a communication policy […]

Outlook: Working efficiently with email templates

Description Outlook email templates: the ultimate solution for sending recurring email content Are you tired of using the ‘Copy-Paste’ function for repeatedly sending the same email to different people? Or searching through your Sent Items to find the (hopefully) correct email so you can resend it to someone else? During the session “Working efficiently with […]

PowerPoint: Professional presentations

Description Raise your presentations to the next level! Your marketing department has provided you with an attractive PowerPoint template, which enables all presentations to appear in the same, uniform house style.  You have a good basic knowledge of PowerPoint and are comfortable using the template.  However, you are looking for a way to add more […]

Teams: Time management – how to manage tasks

Description We’re hyperconnected, always online and expected to process ever-increasing amounts of information. Our Outlook inbox is flooded with tasks every day, as are our Teams channels – and we often feel like we must immediately get to work and get all these tasks done. To keep some sort of overview, we try to structure […]