Möbius finetunes Power BI skills with training

Wanting to deepen their basic Power BI experience, Möbius employees attended intermediate level training during the Xylos Power BI day. Thanks to the interactive sessions, they were able to optimize visualizations and reporting to provide their customers with even more insightful dashboard analytics.

The customer | Möbius

Designing business solutions to support the strategic decisions, that’s how Möbius Business Redesign helps organizations as a management consulting company. They have expertise in areas such as operational excellence, customer experience, sustainability, analytics and much more. Microsoft Power BI is often the tool of choice to provide their customers with clear dashboard insights. That’s why they were interested in a Power BI day organized by Xylos.

The process | Intermediate level training sessions as a perfect fit

The Xylos Power BI day is a full day online training event, usually consisting of three tracks representing a different level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each track consisted of four sessions to cover a great deal of very useful content. Having enjoyed introductory training on Power BI at Möbius, some employees wanted to expand their practical knowledge by joining intermediate level sessions.

Julien Braekevelt testifies: “What we do at Möbius is very diverse. A colleague of mine who attended this Power BI day is working closely with several hospitals to improve their visual reporting practices and cost model using Power BI. In my work, I try to help organizations continuously improve their processes. Ultimately, my goal is to help them improve the customer experience they provide. Therefore, visualizing the best possible insights in the clearest possible way is extremely valuable. I found that the intermediate level Power BI sessions with Xylos really met my needs.”

The result | Applying lessons learned on the job

Julien was more than satisfied with the sessions. In addition to the content on Power Query, modeling, reporting, and calculations, he appreciated the use of real-world examples and the high level of interactivity between the trainer and the participants.

“The trainer distilled twenty years of experience into a one-day session. And he was able to magically anchor all that knowledge by giving the participants the opportunity to bring in our own use cases. It was impressive to see how he came up with very simple solutions each time. Thanks to a combination of his expertise and charm, he was able to keep the audience engaged throughout the day,” says Julien.

Participants also found it useful to have access to the recordings of their own sessions, as well as those of the beginner and advanced tracks. “It was really helpful to review certain steps. Specifically for Power Query, I feel that really mastering the important steps in setting up dashboards will help me avoid difficulties later on. It was also rewarding to be able to make some of my dashboards more dynamic and even help some colleagues, thanks to the practical knowledge I picked up. For example, I used the recording to explain to them how to extract data from a website and use it in a dashboard,” concludes Julien.

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