5 prompts for Copilot that you didn’t know you needed

In this blog post, we will explore 5 powerful and unknown prompts that will give you valuable output from Copilot, both in the paid version and in the tool available for free. As always with this disclaimer: do not blindly apply the AI-generated result, but check it before using it.

1. Prepare your weekly schedule


“Here’s a list of things to do: [list]. Help me organize my week.”

Can be used in Copilot Online

2. Generating insights from Excel


“Gather all insights.”

Can be used in Excel with a Microsoft Copilot license

3. Practice a difficult conversation


“I would like to role-play a difficult conversation with my manager. I feel overwhelmed by my current workload and would like to talk about reallocating some of my responsibilities.

I am the employee, you are the manager. Begin by introducing the situation and wait for my response after each answer you give.”

Can be used in Copilot Online

4. Transform a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation

  • Prompt 1 (in Word):
    “Summarize this document in a maximum of 5 paragraphs.”
  • Prompt 2 (in PowerPoint):
    “Create a presentation based on this Word document.”
  • Prompt 3 (in PowerPoint):
    “Please give me suggestions to improve this presentation.”

Can be used in Word or PowerPoint with a Microsoft Copilot license

5. Get a guide or tutorial for an action in a Microsoft 365 application

“Create a step-by-step guide on how to use the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word.”

Can be used in Copilot Online

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