Copilot through the eyes of our Digital Coach

Digital Coach Antonio Fernandez is happy to share his insights about Copilot: how do customers experience the tool, and what is his honest opinion?

What do our customers think about Copilot?

I recently gave a couple of sessions on Copilot for a customer. Asking participants to work without Copilot at first is an approach that works well. Then I have them do the same task with Copilot. They experience the benefits instantly. And the customer’s reaction was very positive.

Here’s what they found most interesting:

  • Copilot and Whiteboard – e.g. how to quickly generate and classify a number of ideas on a given topic?
  • Copilot chat – e.g. get quick answers based on internal documents
  • Copilot and Word – e.g. generating a basic document with titles
  • Copilot and PowerPoint – e.g. creating the foundation for a presentation.

Currently, customers don’t really take advantage of email or instant messaging design options. Excel seems to be the least attractive application.

My experience: pros and cons

As a trainer, I find Copilot quite impressive. I use it as a source of inspiration or to structure a training topic, which saves me time.

At the moment, I mainly use Copilot to :

  • Generate a Word document on a specific topic, based on the structure of an existing document.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation based on an existing one.
  • Generate a PowerPoint presentation based on a well-structured Word document.

At Xylos, we agree that Copilot isn’t perfect yet. You need to check the result for errors, or finalize the Word document or PowerPoint presentation yourself. Nevertheless, I think Copilot can save us a lot of time. The way I see it, if you can save 30 minutes a month, you’ve already paid for the license.

A word of warning to myself: there are times when I don’t have the reflex to use Copilot. For example, if I’m working at a customer and I’m using their own training materials, I don’t have to create anything myself. In that case, I don’t use Copilot, and Google is sufficient to answer my questions.

The future of Copilot

What can we do to further encourage the use of the Copilot? Simply by showing that for certain tasks, Copilot really is a valuable assistant. Right now, too many people still think of Copilot as a nice gadget.


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