EQUANS monitors KPIs with Power BI

EQUANS is committed to achieving and monitoring certain KPIs for their customers, documented in a Service Level Agreement. They needed a detailed and accurate reporting solution. To set this up, the company called in a Xylos Power BI consultant. 

The customer | EQUANS

EQUANS, a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group and formerly known as ENGIE Cofely, is a supplier to a major player in the aviation industry. “Our customer has entrusted us with the professional management of its technical installations. For example: according to our SLA, the boarding bridges must be operational 98% of the time. The KPIs also include clauses that apply if we don’t meet an SLA. This in turn enables our customer to guarantee optimal service to their own customers, the airlines,” says Daniël Verhaegen, Sector Manager at EQUANS.

The challenge | Clear reports with Power BI

KPI reporting is an essential tool to monitor the tasks that the customer has entrusted to EQUANS. To ensure a professional periodic reporting, they decided to outsource the development of this report to Xylos. “Calculating KPIs in Power BI is a complex task,” explains Daniël Verhaegen, “so we asked Xylos to process the data and create a report for us.”

The process | From basic to advanced 

Daniël Verhaegen first wanted to attend a training course to learn how he could use Power BI for reporting. When he asked the EQUANS’ training center for advice, they suggested bringing in a Xylos trainer. The company is a loyal Xylos customer, and they’re happy to call on our experts for help.

After the Power BI course, Verhaegen asked Xylos for further Power BI consulting. “As a first step, the entire management team attended a Power BI training to learn the basics,” says Verhaegen. “But calculating KPIs is a complex task, and Xylos knows what they’re talking about. We didn’t have to think twice about continuing to work with them.”

“We were on the same wavelength right from the very start”, says Verhaegen. “Johan, our Power BI consultant, is a true professional and knows the tool inside and out. And he’s incredibly fast.” 

The result | A flexible and transparent collaboration

Except for a few small errors that need to be corrected, the reporting is almost finished. The end customer is very satisfied, and so is Verhaegen. “Reporting is a contractual obligation, but we’re also benefiting from it in our day-to-day operational procedures. We now generate our own reports at regular intervals, which allows us to adjust our course if necessary.” In short, it’s a win-win: the end customer is happy because its infrastructure is running smoothly, and EQUANS is happy because it can monitor its KPIs down to the smallest detail.

“One thing that stood out for me was the flexibility of Xylos,” adds Verhaegen. “Everyone was always willing to help us find a solution. Whenever we asked Johan something, he immediately came up with ideas. He approaches every problem with a positive attitude. Sometimes he would suggest things we had never thought of, and he was often a step ahead in the database. That really inspired us.”

“Xylos’ scheduling is also very flexible. If there’s a problem, they always look for a solution. They’re also very transparent. As a customer, it’s great to have a good relationship with a supplier, and that’s exactly what we have with Xylos.”

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