Copilot Smart Routines

Duration: 9 weeks
Price (excl. VAT): 125 EUR/user
Number of persons: from 100 users

About Copilot Smart Routines

You’ve purchased a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license – now what? The transition can be overwhelming and even frustrating. How do you explore the features and interface? Where do you start to efficiently integrate the AI-powered assistant into your daily workflow?

This innovative nine-week program is designed to seamlessly integrate Copilot for Microsoft 365 into your organization. We focus on 6 game-changing routines as your gateway to a more streamlined and intelligent workplace.

What to expect

From kickstarting mornings with precision to wrapping up days with efficiency, the Copilot Smart Routines program offers a library of customizable AI routines that empower your employees to manage information overload and prioritize tasks effectively.

Whether it’s returning from a vacation or juggling multiple projects, our customized routines ensure you stay in control of your workflow and maximize productivity without stress.

The program: 6 smart routines 

During this 9-week program, we’ll get you started using Copilot for Microsoft 365 in your organization with a weekly workshop. The workshops are packed with inspiration and a library of prompts that you can customize and use to improve your workday.

Each workshop is designed to be hands-on and interactive, ensuring that you not only learn, but also apply your new skills in real time, maximizing the impact of the Copilot integration into your daily work lives.

Week 1 Initial intake and preparation Comprehensively assess existing processes and tools, identify key pain points, and customize Microsoft Copilot for your workplace to ensure a tailored approach from the start.
Week 2 Daily routines Establish AI-powered routines that streamline everyday tasks such as email management, daily planning, and task prioritization to maximize morning productivity and end-of-day wrap-up efficiency.
Week 3 Meeting routines Focus on optimizing meeting efficiency with routines that prepare agendas, summarize background materials, and track action items.
Week 4 Project management routines Learn how to use Copilot to create project timelines, monitor project status, and automatically generate progress reports and stakeholder communication.
Week 5 After out-of-office routines Focus on routines that help summarize missed communications, update project status, and reprioritize tasks for a smooth transition back to work.
Week 6 Recap and review session Review the progress and effectiveness of the implemented routines with the opportunity for feedback, adjustments, and sharing of best practices among participants to ensure that everyone is effectively optimizing their use of Copilot.
Week 7 Brainstorming and workshop routines Improve creativity and idea generation with structured, AI-powered brainstorming sessions.
Week 8 Collaboration routines Use Copilot to coordinate tasks, seamlessly share documents, and maintain communication flow between team members to ensure everyone is aligned and up-to-date on team goals.
Week 9 Review and impact workshop Evaluate the changes in productivity levels, gather extensive feedback, and plan for future enhancements or additional routines that might be introduced.

The target audience

The Copilot Smart Routines program is valuable to organizations and their employees who want to increase productivity and streamline their workflows using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence.

From AI inspiration to integration

“We are still reluctant to invest in Copilot. How will it help our organization?”

“We have purchased several Copilot licenses, but users do not know how to use the AI assistant to their advantage.”

“How will Copilot make our employees more productive?”

How end users get started with a new technology like Copilot can make or break its implementation. As a Microsoft Copilot Jumpstart Partner, we truly believe in the power of user adoption: teaching people how to use AI and Copilot effectively. Our offering addresses different needs that are relevant today. Our goal: to empower sustainable change in behavior, now and in the future.

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