Outlook: Email etiquette – tips for professional users


Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: 1 hour
Price training (excl. VAT) starting at: On demand
Number of people: 1-100p


Think twice before pressing the ‘reply to all’ button…

Did you know that on average an employee spends a quarter of their time on replying to and processing e-mails? Did you also know that e-mails often lead to miscommunication? And that the miscommunication often leads to inefficiency and irritation? Is e-mail always the right medium to convey a message?

In this session you will learn the essence of e-mail etiquette.

These rules apply to all e-mail platforms.


The aim of this course is to encourage employees to communicate better with each other, customers or suppliers. After completing the course, participants will be more aware of the impact e-mail can have. This awareness will lead to improved communication and fewer misunderstandings.


What communication tools are available today? Which channel to use and when?

Importance of e-mail etiquette

E-mail etiquette in practice: basic rules

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