Excel: Calculation using time and dates

Description Learn how to work with times and dates in Excel Two of the most frequently occurring and important fields in databases or project documents are times and dates. In Excel you can further analyse these aspects but many Excel users struggle to do so. This webinar will teach you the functions and formulas that […]

Excel: Highlighting important information with conditional formatting in Excel

Description Imagine you have an Excel workbook with lots of data. To obtain a better understanding of the data, we can use conditional formatting. Thanks to conditional formatting, we can highlight all the information that is important to us (the highest or lowest values, duplicate values, values that are larger or smaller than a certain […]

Excel: Designing print-ready Excel files

Description That one column printed on a separate sheet of paper, blank sheets coming out of the printer, the time wasted in trying to get your data printed neatly. Do you recognise these problems? In this webinar you will learn all you need to know about the page layout in Excel (adding titles, page numbers, […]

Excel: Advanced cell formatting (for avid Excel users)

Description Get more from cell formatting in Excel In just one hour, learn how you can do more with cell formatting. In this webinar, we go beyond the traditional way of cell formatting. For example, did you know it is just as easy to show 15K in your table instead of 15,000? Visually, large numbers […]

Excel: Simulations

Description What if you don’t have all the required data? In that case simulations in Excel is the answer. Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application that allows you to calculate an incredible amount of data based on formulas. To do that, you need all the required data and parameters. But what if you don’t have […]

Excel: Filtering and sorting

Description Do you need to quickly filter a long list only by data you want to view immediately? In this session you will discover the power of Excel filters! We discuss the best way to filter the different types of data (text, numbers or dates), and what options there are (colour, highest/lowest values, dates that […]

Microsoft 365: Planner – Your task management tool

Description Do you find it difficult to keep an overview of your task list? Do you occasionally forget about certain tasks? Are you just looking for a clear way to keep track of your to-do list? Look no further: Office 365’s Microsoft Planner is the tool for you. During this webinar, you’ll learn what Microsoft […]

Outlook: Time management principles

Description Did you know that it is best to spend the first 30 minutes of your day creating your day schedule? We would like to share these and many other time management principles with you, and immediately apply them to Outlook. Get ready to be amazed at how much time you can save after completing […]

Outlook: Email etiquette – tips for professional users

Description Think twice before pressing the ‘reply to all’ button… Did you know that on average an employee spends a quarter of their time on replying to and processing e-mails? Did you also know that e-mails often lead to miscommunication? And that the miscommunication often leads to inefficiency and irritation? Is e-mail always the right […]

Outlook: Working efficiently with email templates

Description Outlook email templates: the ultimate solution for sending recurring email content Are you tired of using the ‘Copy-Paste’ function for repeatedly sending the same email to different people? Or searching through your Sent Items to find the (hopefully) correct email so you can resend it to someone else? During the session “Working efficiently with […]