Proximus turns to Digital Coaches for Microsoft 365 support

At Proximus, Microsoft 365 applications are essential for smooth team collaboration. However, a desire to push boundaries led Proximus to seek innovation and elevate their approach. Partnering with Xylos, they unlocked new levels of productivity through personalized Digital Coaching services, optimizing their use of Microsoft 365 applications. This transformation became a shining success story, demonstrating the power of Digital Coaching.

The customer | Proximus

Proximus is a large Belgian telecommunications company. As one of the largest telecommunication services in the country, Microsoft 365 plays a crucial role in the organization.

The challenge | First aid with Microsoft 365

Creating documents, flexibly organizing meetings and collaborating efficiently are all things for which Proximus employees rely on the Office 365 apps. But Proximus wouldn’t be Proximus if they didn’t try to raise the bar even higher. What if they were (pro)active in making the most of the latest developments and adopting new applications? They found the answer in Xylos and our personalized Digital Coaching service.

Proximus Talent & Learning Manager Magali Vekemans, together with HR Assistant Ann Rongy and the Digital Coaches, was responsible for a story that turned into a shining success.

The process | Dr. Digitals to the rescue

At Proximus, the Digital Coaches were renamed to ‘Dr. Digitals’. After all, doctors are helpful experts in their field. Thanks to their knowledge of Microsoft 365 applications, the on-call doctors not only introduce Proximus employees to useful tools, they also teach them how to use them efficiently through workshops, inspiration sessions, coaching tracks, as well as a comprehensive range of training courses provided by Proximus. To complete the circle, Proximus also chose OASE, Xylos’ always-on digital adoption platform, which offers over 3,000 videos, as well as animations, tips and webinars on Microsoft 365. A medicine that goes down well.

Consisting of a team of four dedicated trainers, the Digital Coaches respond to the needs of Proximus employees. They ensure that everyone has the opportunity to improve their skills with Microsoft 365 applications, while providing individual assistance and personal advice. The accessibility and availability of these Digital Coaches (via email, Teams, phone, etc.) means that there is a low threshold for people to ask questions and learn new things, regardless of their level of knowledge.

Every day, the Digital Coaches hold two workshops or inspiration sessions of two hours each, one in French and one in Dutch, so that everyone can learn in their own language. The topics of the sessions are related to what is happening in the organization: how to use your mailbox more efficiently, how to use Windows 10 more ergonomically, which app to use for calendar and task management, and so on.

The result | Fast and efficient collaboration 

The Xylos’ Digital Coaches played a key role in the user adoption process of Teams at Proximus. “We opted for a phased implementation of Teams. In close collaboration with our internal IT department, the Dr. Digitals organized appropriate training sessions at each stage, tailored to our organization and the needs of our people,” explains Magali Vekemans. 

“That’s the beauty of the Digital Coaching service. The Xylos coaches are fully integrated at Proximus, they work in our environment with their own personal Proximus accounts. This means all sessions are fully aligned with our systems and respond to the problems and headaches our employees are facing. The coaches speak the same language as our people,” the Talent & Learning Manager goes on to say.

In addition to the regular workshops and inspiration sessions, employees can contact the Dr. Digitals for individual coaching and advice. “We have seen a huge increase in the need for coaching after spending the last two years largely working from home,” says Magali. The Dr. Digitals were there for our people, which was very much reflected in the evaluations. The fact that you can get a quick and relevant answer to specific questions is a huge gain in terms of time and convenience. The Dr. Digitals are considerate of who you are, what you do, and what you need in order to personally assist you with tips and tricks. When colleagues find out that a clear explanation of a feature in Excel like VLOOKUP or the new XLOOKUP saves them hours of work a week, it’s worth its weight in gold!”

The team leaders at Proximus also quickly discovered the added value of the Digital Coaches. They invited the Digital Coaches to their team meetings to lead training sessions tailored to their working situation. Need to create a new team in Teams? No problem! Have a quick brainstorming session with a Dr. Digital about communication structure and etiquette. Next, schedule a training session for your team and you will have an efficient, collaborative environment where everyone feels comfortable.

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