Computer vision and OCR

To increase the accuracy of production workflow, we are deploying AI-driven Azure applications at Impextraco.

The challenge

How can we improve the accuracy, efficiency and traceability of our production workflow? This was Impextraco’s question. Impextraco is a manufacturer of additives and ingredients for livestock feed.

We found the answer with OCR and computer vision: technologies enabling them to minimize human error and ensure compliance with production standards. A key requirement was to ensure seamless integration with the company’s existing MES, SharePoint and SAP systems.

The solution

We developed a mobile application for Impextraco to scan labels. Thanks to a connection between Azure Web Services and Azure Computer Vision, the text on the label is immediately validated against the underlying systems. This eliminates manual steps and the risk of errors.

The Intelligent Label Verification Web Application solution uses Azure Vision AI for automated image recognition.

The result

The results of this AI-driven solution are impressive: Impextraco has fewer errors and avoids duplication of effort by eliminating manual label verification. This ensures cost savings over time. In addition, Impextraco gains valuable insight for process improvement by logging and reporting label deviations.

Our scalable and robust application meets Impextraco’s needs and integrates seamlessly with their existing systems.

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