Everyday AI Adoption Training

About the Everyday AI Adoption Training Master the practical skills to use AI tools efficiently in a short, powerful and effective way? Try our Everyday AI Adoption Training. During this training, you’ll learn how to integrate generative AI tools into your daily routine. That way, you’ll replace time-consuming, manual or repetitive tasks with intelligent AI-driven […]

Copilot for M365 Kickstart Program

About the Copilot for M365 Kickstart Program Implementing Copilot for Microsoft 365? It can give your organisation a huge competitive advantage. The AI-powered assistant helps you and your employees process information, create content and check off repetitive tasks. Sounds good on paper. But how do you overcome the challenges that inevitably accompany major change, such […]

Business chatbot in Teams with Power Automate

The challenge Administrative departments in organizations experience a a high workload. The constant flow of requests, from simple information requests to more complex procedures, leads to delays and high pressure. However, there is a way to automatically handle these repetitive questions and route the complex issues to the right experts: an in-house, AI-powered chatbot. The […]

Prompting for generative AI tools

About Prompting for generative AI tools During this training, you will explore key generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot, and master the art of prompting. You will learn how these AI models generate text based on context and previous conversations. You will discover the principles of effective prompting and learn in practice […]

Text-to-speech solution for OASE

The challenge OASE is Xylos’ microlearning platform where users learn how to use Microsoft 365 applications efficiently thanks to 2,500 instructional videos. The thousands of videos were voiced by voice actors in four different languages. That process was time-consuming and expensive. The solution We used Azure Speech Studio and Microsoft Power Automate to streamline the […]

Smart FAQ Bot

About the Smart FAQ Bot Want to reduce wait times at your customer service, answer recurring questions immediately, and spend more time on more complex issues? A smart, AI-driven FAQ bot will do the trick. In just 4 weeks, we’ll help you get a customized, dynamic FAQ bot up and running, giving your customer service […]