Text-to-speech solution

With AI-driven text-to-speech technology, we automated the OASE team's production process.

The challenge

OASE is Xylos’ microlearning platform where users learn how to use Microsoft 365 applications efficiently thanks to 2,500 instructional videos. The thousands of videos were voiced by voice actors in four different languages. That process was time-consuming and expensive.

The solution

We used Azure Speech Studio and Microsoft Power Automate to streamline the production of OASE videos. By implementing AI-driven text-to-speech technology, we were able to automate that process and choose budget-friendly computer voices.

Today, content creators on the OASE team are writing a script that will be automatically translated into the various languages. Those scripts are thoroughly proofread. Once approved, an automated process converts the texts into audio files by a text-to-speech engine and places them in the appropriate location.

The result

By automating the processing steps in a larger process, we created significant time savings for the OASE team. Another great thing about the text-to-speech solution was the significant cost reduction.

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