Business chatbot in Teams with Power Automate

With Power Automate, we built an AI-driven chatbot integrated into Microsoft Teams that reduces the workload of administrative departments.

The challenge

Administrative departments in organizations experience a a high workload. The constant flow of requests, from simple information requests to more complex procedures, leads to delays and high pressure.

However, there is a way to automatically handle these repetitive questions and route the complex issues to the right experts: an in-house, AI-powered chatbot. The perfect opportunity to increase efficiency and optimize the working experience for everyone.

The solution

To support the administrative teams, we developed an in-house chatbot using Microsoft Power Automate, which we integrated with Microsoft Teams. The chatbot is specifically designed to answer a wide range of frequently asked questions. In addition, the bot is constantly learning thanks to an extensive database of information gathered from previous interactions and FAQs. This allows employees to ask questions organically and get accurate answers quickly.

For questions that fall within the chatbot’s scope, the solution uses Power Automate to seamlessly route them to the appropriate experts within the organization. This way, every enquiry gets the attention it needs.

The result

Implementing this Power Automate-powered chatbot in Microsoft Teams has significantly improved internal communication processes. Employees get their questions answered faster, resulting in increased satisfaction and productivity. Administrative teams experience less repetitive questions, allowing them to spend more time on more complex tasks. Integration with Microsoft Teams has accelerated adoption, resulting in widespread use of the chatbot.

This innovative, AI-driven solution has reduced the workload of administrative staff and improved the efficiency of information sharing across the organization, contributing to overall operational effectiveness.

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