Privacy Buddy

About Privacy Buddy Do you know what documents and files are being shared in your organization and with whom? Do you have a governance framework in place, but no meaningful way to put its insights into practice? Many organizations struggle with a lack of visibility that can lead to unauthorized data access and compliance violations. […]

Computer vision and OCR

The challenge How can we improve the accuracy, efficiency and traceability of our production workflow? This was Impextraco’s question. Impextraco is a manufacturer of additives and ingredients for livestock feed. We found the answer with OCR and computer vision: technologies enabling them to minimize human error and ensure compliance with production standards. A key requirement […]

AI Data Security and Governance Scan

About the AI Data Security and Governance Scan Are you implementing AI in your organization? We can’t encourage you enough! Doing it without considering the risks associated with data breaches, privacy violations, and uncontrolled data use? Well, that’s another story. With our AI Data Security and Governance Scan, we help your organization to identify and […]

AI Data Readiness Scan

About the AI Data Readiness Scan “Is our data valuable and capable of driving AI applications?” That’s the first question that should come to mind before developing an AI-driven application. Data is the lifeline of AI. Its value is only unlocked when the data is quality assured and AI ready. Our AI Data Readiness Scan […]

AI Act Explained

About the AI Act Explained Unlock the potential of AI in your industry with our expert-led program on understanding and navigating the EU AI regulations. The AI Act is an important framework to ensure that AI systems are safe, transparent, and accountable, while fostering innovation and trust. With the AI Act, the EU aims to […]

Ethical Horizon Program

About the Ethical Horizon Program Our Ethical Horizon Program empowers your organization to weave ethical decision-making into the fabric of your operations. During a year-long journey, we establish a robust ethics council. We guide the selection of expert members, create frameworks, and ensure that legal, technical, and moral considerations are at the heart of every […]


About ManualMate Your technicians lose valuable time during interventions by searching for answers in complex and endless sets of documentation and expert systems. Streamline these technical queries with ManualMate and get instant AI-driven access to the information you need. ManualMate is equipped to decipher technical manuals and provide accurate information on demand. For time-sensitive operations, […]