Catch the AI wave

The age of artificial intelligence is upon us. Are you ready to transform the way you work as developers, knowledge workers and decision makers? Go beyond the disruption and turn AI into a driver of innovation that gives your business a competitive edge.

Immerse yourself in the world of AI possibilities at one of our inspiration sessions, where you will discover how to apply AI to your technical environment and guide your people to fully embrace it. 

Xylos + AI,
it’s a match

Our team of curious experts look at AI from the business, end-user and technical perspectives. They are critical testers of the latest innovations, constantly asking how these developments will add value to our customers’ businesses.

In our inspiration sessions, we always consider AI from three angles: what is the impact today, and what are the challenges and opportunities you need to consider? The goal: to look at AI as your trusted sidekick, not just another gadget in the tech toolkit.

As technology evolves, our core belief remains the same:
putting you and your customers at the center of our solutions.


AI isn’t just another application to add to your IT infrastructure. It’s a transformative force that is reshaping the way infrastructure is designed, deployed, managed and optimized. As AI continues to evolve, its impact on your IT infrastructure will only grow. Are you ready to adapt?

In a half-day workshop, we’ll walk you through the AI landscape in general, and the IT infrastructure domain in particular:

  • What is the impact of AI today? Think of improved log analysis, predictive maintenance, network enhancements, and AIOps.
  • Where are the opportunities for innovation today? You’ll get practical examples, cases and tips to apply AI at your own pace in your unique business context.
  • What are the potential risks and how can you minimize them?


Cloud & Data

Over the past decade, cloud and mobile computing have been breakthrough enablers of digital transformation. In 2023, all the major hyperscalers announced the introduction of AI on their platforms and as the new wave to catch. After PC/server, web/internet and cloud/mobile, we are entering an era of artificial intelligence that requires more and different computing power. 

In a half-day inspiration session, pick and choose from the following topics or tailor the workshop to your specific needs:

  • What AI services does Azure offer?
  • How can you explore the possibilities of AI in a proof of concept?
  • How can AI help your development team to work more efficiently?

Modern Workplace

Knowledge workers face many challenges in their daily operations: from information overload to overcoming collaboration issues. If applied well, AI can certainly help boost their productivity.

Microsoft 365 tools like Copilot sound promising, but will they live up to our high expectations? And what about the integration of OpenAI into the Power Platform? Can you enable an AI chatbot to take the pressure off your helpdesk?

We’ll discuss all of these questions (and many more) in our half-day workshop focused on your modern workplace. Packed with demos, best and worst practices, and real-world use cases, the session will inspire both your business and technical audiences to apply AI in their unique environment.

Learning Solutions

Alignment between your business and IT and the human adoption of your digital solutions are key to deliver successful projects. The same is true when it comes to implementing AI.

AI empowers your end users with valuable insights and personalized experiences, and makes work processes more efficient and user-friendly. Provided they are trained in AI fundamentals and ethics, employees will be able to use it to their advantage responsibly.

Book a half-day workshop with our Digital Coaches and get a clear introduction to AI concepts, delivered in an accessible and inspiring way and illustrated with lots of useful examples.